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Dirty Hooker Diesel 500-112 High Performance High RPM Water Pump LB7 LLY Duramax

With the advancements in technology and tuning, these Duramax diesels are producing more horsepower and torque than originally intended and thus the water pump suffers. We have come up with a solution to the problematic water pump on the 2001-2005 LB7 & LLY Duramax Diesels. Our water pump does not utilize the heavy cast water pump wheel, but a light weight resin wheel. Our lightweight impeller prevents impeller spin and decreases cavitation traditionally encountered at high RPM. Each pump cover is modified to bolt right in place of the existing pump. Everything is included with the pump in order to install.

Warranty 12month/12,000 miles


  • 100% OE Grade GM Water Pump Base Components
  • Lightweight Resin Impeller Wont Crack, Loosen or Spin off the Pump Shaft @ High RPM
  • Modified Pump Cover to be 100% Compatibly with your LB7 and LLY
  • Upgraded Stainless Hardware and Seals Included
  • Pump Comes Assembled, Ready to Install.

Kit Includes:

  • 94011603 Bypass Tube Lower O-Ring
  • 94013304 Pump to Front Cover Large O-Ring
  • 12635594 Pump Outlet Flange Gasket
  • Long Stainless Bolt to Block Replace Stud
  • Short Stainless Bolt 

Why Not Welded Water Pump?

  • With DHD's resin wheel water pump impeller there is no need to have any components welded. We have found that welding of two dissimilar metals nearly always results in cracks or premature failures. Its also not uncommon to have pump shaft bearing failures on welded pumps. This is likely because of small imperfections induced into the bearing surface from an arc created while the welder is grounding.