GM 2020 Plus Oil Cooler Kit

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2020 GM Oil Cooler Kit. This is GM's latest cooler with even more cooling capabilities. This kit includes everything you will need to install on your 2001-2019 GM Duramax equipped truck. This kit is made of all OEM parts and comes ready for install. We do recommend having Dexcool for coolant. The system will take 5-6 gallons after this swap!

Oil Cooler - 12735508

Elbow - 12675428

Elbow Gasket - 12676826

Elbow Gasket - 12709792

Oil Filter - PF26

Stainless Steel hardware for the cooler mounting and also the oil cooler elbow are included. 

If your truck has the factory manifolds and uppipes you may need to modify the heat shield on the driver side manifold and or can swap to an aftermarket style of manifolds. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding install as there is no return's on GM parts.