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Duramax oil coolers have to be replaced from time to time due to deterioration and failure. When replacing your oil cooler, there are certain seals and gaskets that are going to need to be replaced along with the cooler. This all in one Duramax oil cooler install kit includes all of the seals and gaskets you need to get your Duramax engine oil cooler installed on your 2001-2010 LBZ, LMM, LLY, or LB7 truck. Pick up this kit today to make your oil cooler install much easier.



  • Direct Replacement
  • All In One Kit
  • Great For Oil Cooler Replacement Jobs


  • OEM Like Fit & Finish
  • Fits LB7, LLY, LBZ, & LMM Trucks
  • High Quality Construction

Kit Includes

  • Water Pump Outlet Gasket
  • Gasket - Oil Cooler To Rear Cover
  • Gasket - Oil Cooler Elbow
  • Oil Cooler Seal
  • Oil Cooler Seal
  • Water Pump Pipe To Cooler Seal

Symptoms Of Bad Or Failing Or Bad Duramax Oil Cooler

The oil cooler on your Duramax is a vital component of your Duramax Diesel engine’s oil system. When these fail, they can cause catastrophic damage to your Duramax diesel, leaving you with a hefty repair bill. Replacing your failing or bad oil cooler should be done anytime you notice the following symptoms:

  • Oil Leaking From Cooler Area
  • Coolant Leaking From Cooler Area
  • Oil Leaking Into Cooling System
  • Coolant Leaking Into The Oil System

While these symptoms can mean other problems on your Duramax, it is always a good idea to test the cooler and inspect the oil system for any signs of metal or coolant. Catastrophic failure of your oil cooler can cause irreversible damage to your Duramax engine.