Optilube Boost 1 Gallon Treats up to 2560 Gal

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Opti-Lube prides itself on providing the Best Diesel Fuel Additives on the market.

Improving Cetane is just the beginning, Opti-Lube Boost! Formula eliminates and prevents both conventional nozzle deposits and internal diesel injector deposits (IDID) in today's most complex engines using high-pressure common rail and other injector systems.

Opti-Lube Boost! is a multi-functional diesel fuel additive with the highest cetane improvement available (7-9 points!) while providing exceptional lubrication to your fuel system. (ranked first in an independent study, view it here).

Benefits Include:

  • Boosts Cetane by 7 - 9 Points.
  • Enhanced Lubricity for Reduced Fuel System Wear
  • Improved Fuel Economy
  • Increased Power
  • Reduced Deposits
  • Reduced Emissions
  • Prevents Rust & Corrosion
  • Cleans Injectors
  • Improved Storage Stability (More than doubles storage life of diesel fuel)
  • Improved Water Separation
  • Compatible with all vehicle emissions systems